I won't tell if you won't
Anonymous: I'm very attracted to guys. Only had sex with guys too. Dated girls in my teens, but now I'm starting to fantasize about having sex with girls. Not date. But hook up. Kinda scared bc I haven't done it with a girl but seems interesting and pleasurable. But idk. Since you're bi, is it kinda normal to go back and fourth? Or... No? Only 20. But I still find guys amazingly attractive.

i think everyone should be open minded about sexual opportunity.! try it out

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Anonymous: Do you like fucking guys or girls more?

Doesn’t matter to me actually, a fuck is a fuck.

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Anonymous: 43 years old! Fuck you!! I'm younger than you!! Bitch!!

My ask box is not a toilet, take your shit somewhere else

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Anonymous: Did you ever have a girl help slide your fat cock in your guys ass?

wtf is wrong with some of y’all this looks like a 43 year old wrote this

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